Poessa-Cegasa group one of the largest distributors of consumer products in Spain. We have a good reputation and the respect of our customers achieved after years of good service. In 2014 we started in Japan the distribution and development of Gourmet Food for restaurants and hotels.

History & Awards

Cegasa begins in Spain as a manufacturer of battery technology saline and dioxide of manganese, which is important raw material for batteries in the international market.
Becomes new factory in the city of Vitoria (Spain) and is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of other consumer products.

Poessa begins with the distribution of pens and products of library in Spain.

Poessa builds in Vitoria warehouse of 17,000 m2 and total area of warehouses and manufactures more than 90,000 m2. with a broad catalogue of consumer products that are distributed in southern Europe and Africa.
Poessa and Cegasa merge to form one of the largest groups of consumer products distribution in Spain.
111 Shimo ogureshinden,
Wanouchi-cho, Anpachi-Gun, 
Gifu, 503-0206. Japón